Update april /4 /2020 we have kittens aviable.....

If you are interested in one of our kittens
please feel free to email us at:



* Our kittens come from negative tested parents or my breeding will have all been tested for HCM/PKD dna,
   HCM / PKD ultrasound, FELV and FIV.

* We work with a sales/warranty contract.

* Our kittens can leave our home when they are 13 to 16 weeks old.

* Our kittens are vaccinated 2x (full).

* Our kittens are microchipped.

* Our kittens are dewormed several times with Milbemax.

* Our kittens are flea free.

* Our kittens get a health certificate from the vet.

* Our kittens get a European passport for pet animals.

* With the kitten you receive a kitten pack.

* Our kittens have a pedigree.

* Are neutered and sterilized before they can move!

* We ask you expressly to visit no more catteries on the same day!

* We have a limited number of kittens per year.

* Link to early sterilization and early neutering of the cat:
This article is in Dutch !